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Best Crayons for Coloring

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    In the world of children’s art supplies, finding the best crayons for coloring can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it’s essential to know which brands are truly worth the investment. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top crayons for children, tested and approved by moms and kids alike.

    From the ultra-washable Crayola crayons to the innovative egg crayons for toddlers, we’ll cover a range of options to suit every young artist’s needs. Whether you’re looking for great gifts for budding creatives or Easter basket stuffers, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll dive into the methodology behind our crayon brand test and reveal the standout picks that earned our seal of approval. So, if you’re ready to make informed decisions about your child’s art supplies, keep reading to discover the best crayons for coloring.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Crayola Ultra Washable crayons are perfect for young children, as they are easy to clean and come in a variety of vibrant colors.
    • Be Be Crayons by Prang are a great option for toddlers, as they are designed for little hands and have a non-toxic formula.
    • Faber-Castell Watercolor Crayons are a unique and fun gift for young artists, as they can be used for both coloring and painting.

    Best Crayons for Coloring

    Regarding selecting the best crayons for coloring, it’s crucial to consider factors such as performance, durability, pigment variety, and safety, especially for kids’ art projects.

    The Best Crayons for Children – Tested by Moms and Kids

    The Best Crayons for Children - Tested by Moms and Kids - Best Crayons for Coloring

    Credits: Loststorystudios.Com – Ryan Carter

    Finding the best crayons for children involves thorough testing by both moms and kids to evaluate factors such as color vibrancy, performance on different types of paper, and safety for young artists.

    Color vibrancy is a crucial aspect as it determines the visual appeal of the artwork. It’s essential for the crayons to produce bold, rich hues that inspire creativity in young artists. The performance of crayons on different types of paper, including regular drawing paper, construction paper, and coloring books, is evaluated to assess their adaptability and consistency.

    Equally important is ensuring the safety of these crayons for young users. This involves scrutinizing the materials used, compliance with safety standards, and absence of toxic elements to protect children from potential harm during their artistic endeavors.

    Crayola Ultra Washable

    Crayola Ultra Washable crayons are a popular choice for young artists, offering vibrant colors, easy washability, and non-toxic composition, making them ideal for kids’ art projects.

    The vibrant colors of these crayons are a standout feature, as they bring drawings to life with rich and vivid hues. Their washable nature means parents can relax, knowing that this medium won’t leave lasting marks on clothes or surfaces, and easily cleans off with just soap and water.

    Notably, the non-toxic composition is a great relief for parents, ensuring that these crayons are safe for little ones to use, allowing for worry-free creative expression.

    Crayola Egg Crayons for Toddlers

    Crayola Egg Crayons for Toddlers are specifically designed for young children, featuring an egg-shaped design for easy grip, non-toxic composition, and washable properties, ensuring a safe and enjoyable coloring experience for toddlers.

    The unique egg shape of these crayons makes them easy for little hands to hold and use, helping to develop fine motor skills. The non-toxic composition ensures that even if they end up in a toddler’s mouth, there’s no need to worry. Parents can also rejoice in the fact that these crayons are washable, making clean-up a breeze. Plus, the vibrant colors inspire creativity and allow toddlers to explore their imagination while staying mess-free.

    Be Be Crayons by Prang

    The Be Be Crayons by Prang are known for their non-toxic, washable formula, making them a suitable choice for kids’ art projects, although they are prone to breakage and may require careful handling.

    Regarding selecting art supplies for children, safety is a top priority. With the Prang Be Be Crayons, parents and educators can have peace of mind knowing that these crayons are non-toxic, ensuring they are safe for young artists to use. The washable formula makes it easier to clean up any accidental messes, which is a relief for anyone working with young children.

    It’s important to note that these crayons are susceptible to breakage, especially if not handled with care. While their softer texture is ideal for smoother coloring, it also means they may not withstand rough or vigorous use. To mitigate this, it’s advisable to supervise children during coloring activities and encourage them to use a gentle touch when using these crayons.

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    Stars of the Sea Crayons by Ooly

    Ooly’s Stars of the Sea Crayons offer a unique coloring experience with their themed shapes, non-toxic composition, and washable properties, making them a creative choice for young artists.

    The Stars of the Sea Crayons by Ooly are not your ordinary crayons. Each crayon features a unique shape such as seashells, starfish, and seahorses, adding an extra element of fun to coloring activities. The non-toxic composition ensures the safety of young users, giving parents peace of mind. These crayons are easily washable, allowing for hassle-free cleanup and extended use. The vibrant colors and smooth application make them a delightful tool for unleashing imagination and creativity.

    Crayola Crayons

    Crayola crayons are a timeless choice for coloring, recognized for their wide range of colors, tested performance on various types of paper, and non-toxic, washable formula, catering to the needs of young artists.

    The Crayola crayons are renowned for their impressive variety of colors, which offer a rich and vibrant palette for artistic expression. With hues ranging from classic primary colors to unique shades, these crayons provide endless possibilities for creativity, making them a go-to choice for young and aspiring artists.

    Their tested performance on different types of paper ensures smooth and consistent coloring, giving kids the confidence to bring their imagination to life on paper. The non-toxic, washable formula of Crayola crayons not only promotes safe usage for young artists but also offers peace of mind to parents and educators, making them an ideal choice for kids’ art projects.

    Rock Crayons

    Rock crayons stand out as a unique and durable option for kids’ art projects, featuring a distinct shape that prevents them from rolling away and offering lasting coloring enjoyment for young artists.

    This innovative coloring tool is designed to provide a comfortable grip for small hands, making it ideal for children who are still developing their fine motor skills.

    The durability of rock crayons ensures that they can withstand the rough handling typically associated with young artists, minimizing breakage and prolonging their use.

    Their vibrant colors and smooth texture make them perfect for creating colorful masterpieces on various surfaces, from paper to cardboard, providing a versatile outlet for artistic expression.

    Filana Beeswax Crayons

    Filana Beeswax Crayons are favored for their rich pigment, smooth application, and unique beeswax composition, offering a premium coloring experience for young artists.

    With a commitment to quality and safety, these crayons are crafted using organic beeswax and natural waxes, making them safe for children and the environment. The vibrant colors are achieved through the use of natural pigments, offering a stunning depth of color unmatched by other crayons. The smooth application of Filana Beeswax Crayons creates a delightful experience, allowing young artists to effortlessly blend and layer colors for stunning artistic effects.

    Azafran Glitter Crayons

    Azafran Glitter Crayons captivate young artists with their diverse color variety and unique glitter-infused formula, adding a touch of sparkle to children’s artwork and coloring projects.

    The glitter-infused formula of Azafran Glitter Crayons makes them stand out among other coloring options, providing a shimmering effect that brings life to every stroke. With an array of vibrant hues ranging from bold blues and radiant reds to dazzling greens and sunny yellows, these crayons inspire creativity and encourage imaginative expression.

    The sparkle in each stroke lets young artists explore a world of dazzling possibilities, making their artwork truly unique and mesmerizing. Azafran Glitter Crayons transform ordinary drawings into extraordinary masterpieces, capturing the hearts of both children and parents alike.

    Faber-Castell Watercolor Crayons

    Faber-Castell Watercolor Crayons offer a unique twist on traditional crayons, blending vibrant pigment with watercolor properties, providing young artists with versatile coloring options for their art projects.

    With their smooth, creamy texture, these watercolor crayons create beautiful blends and shading effects when activated with water. The vibrant colors bring life to any artwork, and their water-soluble nature allows for easy blending and layering.

    Whether used on dry paper for a bold and intense look or applied with a wet brush for a delicate and translucent finish, these crayons offer endless creativity for kids’ art projects.

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    Great Gifts for Young Artists

    Great Gifts for Young Artists - Best Crayons for Coloring

    Credits: Loststorystudios.Com – Wayne Campbell

    Choosing the perfect gifts for young artists involves considering options that inspire creativity and artistic expression, with popular choices including Crayola art sets, coloring books, and vibrant crayon packs.

    Art sets provide a versatile range of tools, from colored pencils to markers, allowing budding artists to experiment with different mediums. Coloring books offer a therapeutic outlet, allowing kids to immerse themselves in intricate designs and unleash their imagination.

    Vibrant crayon packs can bring joy with an array of colors, encouraging young artists to express their creativity boldly and freely.

    Easter Basket Stuffers for the Young Artist

    Easter basket stuffers for the young artist can include colorful Crayola art supplies, interactive craft kits, and engaging coloring activities, adding creativity and fun to the Easter holiday for kids.

    Immerse young artists in the spirit of Easter with a diverse selection of Crayola products such as washable markers, vibrant crayons, and themed coloring books. These items can inspire children to create stunning artwork while celebrating the holiday. Interactive craft kits, like DIY egg decorating sets or bunny-themed painting projects, provide hands-on experiences that stimulate imagination and fine motor skills. With an array of Crayola art tools and engaging activities, Easter becomes an opportunity for children to express their creativity and indulge in joyful artistic exploration.

    Subscribe to Access the Free Resource Library

    Subscribing to access the free resource library provides young artists with a wealth of creative materials, including printable coloring pages, art tutorials, and exclusive offers on Crayola products, enhancing their artistic journey.

    The resource library is a treasure trove for budding artists, as it offers a wide array of Crayola products, from classic crayons to innovative art tools, enabling them to explore their creativity in various mediums. The library’s art tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on techniques such as blending colors, creating textures, and mastering different art styles, nurturing a well-rounded artistic skill set. Through the exclusive offers, young artists can acquire high-quality art supplies at discounted prices, making their artistic pursuits more accessible and enjoyable.

    How I Conducted My Crayon Brands Test

    My thorough crayon brands test involved evaluating factors such as color vibrancy, pigment variety, and overall performance, providing insights into the top choices for young artists, with video reviews and affiliate links available for convenient purchase on Amazon.

    Color vibrancy played a crucial role in determining the appeal of the crayons, as vibrant colors are essential for engaging and impactful artistic creations. The range of pigments available in each set was carefully considered, as it allows young artists to experiment with a wide spectrum of colors, nurturing their creativity.

    Performance testing involved assessing factors such as smoothness of application, resistance to breakage, and blendability, ensuring that the crayons offer a delightful and hassle-free artistic experience for young users.

    For those interested in further details, video reviews were available, offering a visual demonstration of the crayons in action. Furthermore, affiliate links to Amazon were provided, ensuring easy accessibility for readers to purchase their preferred crayon brands and sets.

    The Crayon Brands I Tested

    The crayon brands I tested encompassed a diverse range of colors, performance levels, and pigment varieties, offering young artists a comprehensive selection to explore, with convenient access for purchase through affiliate links on Amazon.

    One brand exhibited an impressive array of vibrant hues, perfect for creating lively, colorful masterpieces, while another brand stood out for its smooth application and durability, making it a favorite among budding artists.


      • variety of pigment intensities

    and shades in each brand allowed for

      • flexibility and depth of coloring experience


    The convenient access for purchase through affiliate links on Amazon facilitated easy procurement, ensuring that aspiring young artists can readily obtain the crayon sets for their creative endeavors.

    Crayola Crayons Were My Traditional Must-Have Pick

    Crayola crayons stood out as my traditional must-have pick, with their consistent performance, vibrant colors, and suitability for kids’ art projects, making them a reliable choice for young artists, available for purchase on Amazon.

    These crayons have been a favorite with generations of young artists, and for good reason. Their vibrant colors pop off the page and are perfect for creating beautiful art. The consistent performance of Crayola crayons ensures that they deliver smooth, even lines every time, making them ideal for kids’ art projects.

    What’s more, these crayons have not lost their appeal over time. They continue to be a staple in classrooms, homes, and art studios, a testament to their enduring popularity. Whether it’s for coloring, drawing, or even simple doodling, Crayola crayons are the go-to choice for unleashing creativity.

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    If you’re looking to buy them, you’ll be pleased to know that Crayola crayons are readily available for purchase on Amazon, making it convenient to stock up on these beloved art supplies from a trusted retailer.

    Cra-Z-Art Crayons Are Literally Crayola Crayons in a Different Box

    Cra-Z-Art crayons offer a striking resemblance to Crayola crayons in terms of color variety, performance, and suitability for kids’ art projects, providing a familiar alternative available for purchase on Amazon.

    Both Cra-Z-Art and Crayola offer a wide range of vibrant colors that appeal to children and spark creativity. Their smooth application and consistent color delivery make them suitable for various art projects, from coloring books to school assignments. Whether it’s blending, shading, or layering, these crayons perform admirably, offering children the tools they need to express their artistic talents.

    Parents looking to purchase these crayons can easily find them on Amazon, where they are readily available for online purchase, providing a convenient option for stocking up on these essential art supplies.

    Target’s Mondo Llama Crayon Brand

    Target’s Mondo Llama crayon brand offers a diverse range of colors, reliable performance, and rich pigment variety, catering to the creative needs of young artists and providing a compelling choice for kids’ art projects.

    The array of colors in the Mondo Llama crayon set is truly impressive, spanning from vibrant primary shades to nuanced pastels and deep, intense hues. Whether a young artist is creating a sunny landscape or a moody seascape, these crayons ensure no shortage of options to bring their imagination to life. The reliable performance of these crayons makes them a staple in any young artist’s collection, ensuring smooth application and consistent color output. The rich pigment variety allows for layering and blending, adding depth and dimension to any artwork.

    Melissa & Doug’s Pack

    Melissa & Doug’s pack of crayons offers a diverse spectrum of colors, consistent performance, and engaging variety, making it a delightful choice for young artists exploring the world of art and coloring.

    Featuring attractive hues ranging from vivid reds and oranges to calming blues and greens, these crayons inspire creativity and imagination with every stroke. The smooth, blendable texture ensures effortless application, allowing children to experiment and create beautiful artwork with ease. Not to mention, the sturdy design and durability of each crayon ensure long-lasting enjoyment, making it an ideal choice for budding artists of all ages.

    Whether playing, coloring, or experimenting, Melissa & Doug’s crayon pack is a perfect tool to bring vibrant, captivating colors to life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best crayons for coloring?

    The best crayons for coloring are those that have vibrant colors, are easy to blend, and have a smooth application. Some popular options include Crayola, Faber-Castell, and Prismacolor crayons.

    Are there specific crayons for different ages?

    Yes, there are crayons designed for different age groups. For younger children, thicker and more durable crayons are recommended, while older children can use finer-tipped crayons for more detailed coloring.

    Can I use regular crayons for coloring books?

    Yes, regular crayons can be used for coloring books. However, some coloring books may recommend using specific types of crayons, such as watercolor or oil pastel crayons, for special effects.

    What makes a crayon suitable for coloring?

    A good coloring crayon should have strong pigmentation, be non-toxic, and have a durable and smooth texture. It should also be easy to sharpen and have a good grip for comfortable coloring.

    Do all crayon brands have the same color selection?

    No, different crayon brands may have different color selections. Some brands may have a wider range of colors, while others may have unique shades or specialty colors such as metallic or neon.

    How do I choose the best crayons for my child?

    When choosing crayons for your child, consider their age, coloring preferences, and any specific features (such as washable or non-toxic) that may be important to you. It can also be helpful to read reviews or try out different brands to find the best fit for your child.

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